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15/11/2012 - To be present an
Exise declaration for month October and to be paid the amount due exise.
15/11/2012 - To be present declaration under article
under Corporate Income Tax Act for decreases of the advanced payments from companies, considering that the whole anoumt of the advanced paid corporate tax is or will exceed over the amount of annual duitable corporate tax.
15/11/2012 - To be paid in
the due tax for received incomes for month October by state companis.
EuroOdit 3 Ltd. company offers the following services connected with:

1. Organizing the financial-accounting activity, starting with an accurate accounting policy; developing of individual lists of accounts and instructions how to keep rational accounting and analysis;

2. Developing of an effective accounting, tax and financial policy;

3. Assisting the managerial team in analyzing the received accounting information with a view of taking wise managerial decisions;

4. Registration of companies;

5. Custom representation;

6. Accounting services to companies:

6.1. Accounting services on a contractual basis;
6.2. Annual financial reports ;
6.3. Calculating all due taxes towards the budget, social insurance and the health fund;
6.4. Preparing an individual annual depreciation plan;
6.5. Making inventories according to the operative regulations;
6.6. Preparing and presenting the monthly financial and VAT reports;
6.7. Preparing and presenting the monthly declarations towards National revenue agency for the received income;
6.8. Calculating of salaries / a wages-sheet;
6.9. Monthly strike of the company accounts with a report for the financial status of the company, circulation register, main book and all necessary reports
6.10. Preparing a card index of the personal labor files;
6.11. Tax protection;
6.12. Verification of the financial reports by a chartered accountant, when the conditions require this;
6.13. Preparing and presenting statistical forms for the National statistic institute;
6.14. Preparing and arranging the needed bank documents;
6.15. Preparing and presenting declarations for gambling games and lotteries;
6.16. Accounting services to liberal professions;
6.17. Consolidation of reports;
6.18. Preparing an accounting policy and individual accounts;
6.19. Preparing inner rules for the Agency for financial revisions;
6.20. Preparing different statistical forms for Bulgarian National Bank.

7. The company offer consultations single time and on subscription basis in the following spheres:

7.1. Accounting;
7.2. Taxation;
7.3. Insurance relations;
7.4. Labor relations;
7.5. Financial analysis;
7.6 Analyze of the organization and management expenditures, expenditures by economic elements analyze;
7.7. Overall evaluation of the expenditures;
7.8. Overall evaluation of the revenues;
7.9. Analyze of the liquidity and the financial status of the company;
7.10. Base reports for credits.

8. Evaluation of financial projects.

9. Budget management of the company.

10. Complete business planning and budgeting.

11. Internal control and evaluation of the risk by observing the principle that the internal control ensures the wise, but not absolute confidence that the company will achieve its aims and goals. We lay the basis for the standards for internal control with effectiveness and efficacy of the actions, reliability of the financial reports and conformity with the applicable laws. Preparing of internal procedures for control of the main economic processes in the company and monthly reports for the members of the councils for the reported discrepancies. The internal audit includes mainly:

11.1. Risk management;
11.2. Separation of duties / characteristics in the pyramid structure;
11.3. Effectiveness and efficacy of the used resources;
11.4. Dependency level of the activity;
11.5. Preparing a control environment.

12. Law consultations
Our legal adviser is ALBENA SIMEONOVA ANGELOVA - a member of SOFIA BAR ASSOCIATION since 1995. Her majors are:

1. Property Law acquisitions , notary procedures , consultancy.

2. Commercial and Company Law commercial transactions , court registrations , contracts.

3. Civil Law contracts , agreements , civil litigation , all other issues related to Civil Law.

4. Administrative Law all procedures related to Individual Administrative Acts.

5. Tax Law consultancy

3 !
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