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15/11/2012 - To be present an
Exise declaration for month October and to be paid the amount due exise.
15/11/2012 - To be present declaration under article
under Corporate Income Tax Act for decreases of the advanced payments from companies, considering that the whole anoumt of the advanced paid corporate tax is or will exceed over the amount of annual duitable corporate tax.
15/11/2012 - To be paid in
the due tax for received incomes for month October by state companis.
EuroOdit 3 Ltd company is established at the beginning of 2004 with activity of delivering services in the field of the accounting, tax, labor and custom legislation.

Founders and partners in the company are Ognyan Apostolov, Daniela Todorova and Aneta Hristova all of them with long years of experience in the financial-accounting area. The partners are up to the requirements of art. 35 from the Bulgarian Accounting Act for compiler of Annual financial report. The company has 2 /two/ offices for its activity in town of Sofia 1309, 205 Stamboliiski Blvd. and in town of Svoge 2260, 13 Tsar Simeon Str.

The main idea of the company is the complete solving of the problems posed by the clients. The work in a team environment enables attracting of wide circle of external consultants, approved as leading experts in the respective area. Services we offer are based on the principle of maintaining high professionalism and loyal partnership. We strive to assist our clients they to stress their efforts on their main business goals.

EuroOdit 3 Ltd. company offers to its clients precise accounting needed for every company in order to have successful and prosperous business. The clients obtain perfect accounting documentation and calmness for the due taxes. The company offers complete accounting service to private tradesmen, commercial companies, non-profit organizations and juridical persons with handicraft professions.The company applies single and double entry accounting and works with specialised licensed accounting software. Applied official accounting base NSFOMSP / National Accounting Standards/; International accounting standards; US Caap

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