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31.March.2023 BG | EN
15/11/2012 - To be present an
Exise declaration for month October and to be paid the amount due exise.
15/11/2012 - To be present declaration under article
under Corporate Income Tax Act for decreases of the advanced payments from companies, considering that the whole anoumt of the advanced paid corporate tax is or will exceed over the amount of annual duitable corporate tax.
15/11/2012 - To be paid in
the due tax for received incomes for month October by state companis.
Welcome to EuroOdit 3Ltd Internet page. We are a specialized accounting company that offers subscription and single time services in the field of accounting, tax, labor and custom legislation.
With our services we would like to assist our clients and they can focus their efforts on their main business goals. At the basis of this lies the idea for complete solving of the problems of the client and, when its needed, attracting of wide circle of external consultants / approved as leading experts in the respective area /.
EuroOdit 3 company offers something more than just a subscription accounting service. We offer to our clients business planning, budgeting, and through internal audit checking the overall economic status by following the effectiveness and efficacy of the used resources. We make base reports for credits and assessment of investment projects.
We do hop to help you to realize your goals.
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